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As a proud partner of HP, we know everything about PCs. Whether you have had a complete crash, experienced malware or simply cannot diagnose the problem, we are here to help you get back to business as quickly as possible.


As the only Apple Authorized Service Provider in Southern Minnesota, CTS is the ONLY location certified to fix your Apple products while keeping your warranty intact. We work with iMac, Macbook, iPad, iPod products from Apple.

Computer Repair North Mankato


If you are a business and it is too inconvenient to transport products to our office, we can send a certified tech to diagnose the problem at your location. If possible, we can even repair on-site. It's almost too easy!

Computer Technology Solutions' services and solutions help you with the following:

  • PC and server repair – if you have more than one piece of equipment down, we can fix anything you need to have repaired
  • Software and hardware upgrades – when we're done fixing your computer, we'll update it to keep it running at its best
  • Lightning quick services – we won't waste your time with day-long service projects, we'll get it done fast

With our easy and affordable on-site computer repair services, you can expect the best out of your PC network. Call us today to see how we can help you.


CTS is the only Apple Authorized Service Provider in Southern Minnesota. If you choose to have your apple products serviced by a non-authorized party, you are voluntarily opting out of your warranty benefits.

Do not let a non-authorized provider touch your Apple products!